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Badminton: Starting the New Season Strong

Carlos Lechuga, Staff Writer

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Chances are, most people don’t give the badminton team the respect they deserve. Then again, not many people know that the badminton team made it to CIF last year. As a matter of fact, the team didn’t even know they made it to CIF due to miscommunication between the coaches.

This year, varsity tennis coach Cindy Wong has assumed the position of head varsity coach for the badminton team. In past years, the team focused primarily on conditioning and not essential badminton skills. Since taking over, Coach Cindy has put an emphasis on developing the skills badminton requires from its athletes rather than focusing on conditioning.

“The team is better this year because Coach Cee and I are making
sure that they’re utilizing the skills they gain. Badminton is a game of agility and strategy, so by conditioning earlier, we’re making faster and better players,” said Mylyna Hy (11).

The team has also been expanding its male roster balancing out the girls to guy ratio. The gender balance has allowed the team to improve their practices with more girls vs guys drills, pushing players to their limits.

The players have responded well to having a new head coach. Players such as Mylyna Hy (11) have shown a renewed passion for the game due to the changes the coaches have made.

The team is a real contender to make it to CIF. The team has been practicing harder than ever with prospects like Romy Tuazon (12) and Jessica Marquez (12) showing promising skills on the court.

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Badminton: Starting the New Season Strong