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“Boomer” moves Bassett students

Samantha Morales, Staff Writer

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Boomer, a male robot, is born at Bassett with the collaboration of six students.

Paul Demaximo (9), Cameron Duarte (9), Isaac Lopez (9), Marc Munoz (10), Aaron Monterroso (10), and Anthony Munoz (10) worked together on assembling the pieces to create “Boomer” as part of their business plan.

According to Ms. Salinas, teacher of Business and Personal Finance, students in her third period class were assigned to work together in solving real work problems.

“Leave the world a better place,” adds Ms. Salinas about the purpose of the assignment.

These students had originally intended to print 3D limbs for their prosthetic company, but the 3D printer at Bassett had stopped functioning.

Mr. Fernandez then suggested building a robot, so Mark Munoz and his group began the task.

Students began assembling “Boomer” with a box of pieces and a pamphlet, strategizing and making modifications to issues they encountered.

A challenge the students faced were that several essential pieces were missing.

Ms. Salinas assures that these students became involved with this project as they worked as a team, never making the same mistake twice.

After three weeks, Boomer was finally completed on March 7th.

Boomer’s abilities include streaming live on television and carrying items with its articulating arm, having the strength to hold a coffee cup. The camera located behind Boomer allows it to stream live as it moves.

Boomer has been welcomed to the Bassett community, having been presented at Torch.

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“Boomer” moves Bassett students