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DIY: How to fix a cracked screen

Jorge Perez, Feature Editor

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As of late 2014, Americans spent $23.5 billion replacing broken smartphones, according to SquareT¬rade data. The cost of replacement phones is increasing too, with Square¬Trade estimating the cost of replace¬ments hit $4.8 from 2013 to 2014.

With Apple repairs cost¬ing upwards of $129, consumers are looking to cheaper ways to keep re-pair costs down. Glass replacement kits which include the glass, tools, screws, etc. needed to replace the screens yourself run around $13 on amazon.

While manufacturers warn any personal repairs performed im¬mediately violate all warranties, con¬sumers may be tempted to even ditch protection plans with high deduct¬ibles in favor of a home repair.

Tools ready, Youtube and iF¬ixit have plenty of videos on how to get the job done.

Still, those who haven’t prac¬ticed cell-phone operations recently or are intimidated by the thought of holding a screwdriver, cheaper repair companies have sprung all around (check a kiosk at your local mall).

However, once again know that third party repairs also violate all warranties on the phone.

I personally can say that fix¬ing a cracked screen is not as intim¬idating as it may seem. In reality if it is only the screen to fix, you only have to take of two screws then with a pentalobe that you can buy from Amazon or Ebay take of the screen from the adhesive and replace it with the new one.

There aren’t a lot of wires involved because the screens are de¬signed to be easy to replace. If it is something more complicated like a broken LCD then you’ll have to re¬move the screen and one more wire plus also buying the LCD itself to re¬place it, but, generally, it is not hard to replace a broken screen. Anyone can do it without hurting their wallets.

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DIY: How to fix a cracked screen