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Marvel vs DC: Universes Collide

Marvel vs DC: Universes Collide

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Superheroes and comic book characters have become a staple in pop culture. Blockbuster movies like The Avengers and Thor have made most of Marvel’s characters household names while DC’s longevity have made characters like Batman and Superman equally popular.

It’s hard to bring your heroes to life on screen, whether it be on television or a blockbuster in the box office, and get it right. There have been amazing big screen Marvel movies such as Iron Man, Thor, and so on. DC tends to disappoint when it comes to the big screen with titles such as Green Lantern with its lackluster CGI costumes. When you go by the numbers, DC holds it’s own having earned over a billion dollars in the box office with The Dark Knight rises, even though it loses in comparison to The Avengers’ one and a half billion.

DC does get it right when it comes to animated movies. DC has released dozens and dozes of animated movies such as “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox” and “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” that help bring alternate universes you’ll never see brought to life at the movies. Marvel also has notable animated films, “Hulk vs.” being a personal favorite. As far as on screen adaptations go, Marvel wins when it comes to blockbusters, but DC can’t be beaten on the small screen.

Both Marvel and DC have incredible lineups of heroes and villains making it difficult to decide which one has the better lineup. DC is full of god-like, heavy hitters like Superman, Shazam, Wonder Woman who stand on their own. Marvel’s characters are made to be in teams such as The Avengers and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. There is no definitive answer to the question “Which company has better characters, DC or Marvel?”, the answer varies from person to person.

DC will always better when it comes to characters in my opinion. Their characters are classics that just can’t be beat. Although many people don’t like DC’s characters because they’re all overpowered, I easily look past this and see the characters for the complex figures they are and what they represent. What puts DC over the top if the fact that some of their characters have been mimicked by Marvel. For example, Marvel characters such Thanos and Deadpool are pretty much exact copies of Darkseid and Deathstroke proving that DC’s characters are so well constructed that Marvel decided to use the same design for some of their characters.

The most important aspect of a comic book company has to be the quality of the stories they put out. No matter how amazing the characters are, the company has to use those characters in an interesting story arc. Neither publisher has had a perfect story but they’ve come pretty close. Some of DC’s best stories, such as The Death of Superman, Forever Evil, and Kingdom Come, include a huge roster of the most powerful characters in the universe.

However, some of Marvel’s stories have a realness to them that leaves a deeper impact on the reader. Stories like “Demon in the Bottle” and “Days of Future Past” introduce themes about alcoholism and discrimination that just make the readers think more. DC has some classic stories that have stood the test of time, but Marvel wins because of their contemporary themes that go beyond “good vs. evil”.

In the end, Marvel’s superior stories and on screen adaptations take the edge over DC’s classic characters, making Marvel arguably the better comic book company.

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Marvel vs DC: Universes Collide