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Apple Battles Galaxy

Genovieve Vega, Staff Writer

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The new iPhone 7 and Galaxy 7 are the newest phones coming up. The iPhone comes out Sep. 7 and the Galaxy came out March 11. Galaxy needs to catch up on the progress with the upcoming iPhone.

The iPhone 7 will be coming out with a better camera, colors, home button design, and an improved battery life. The new phone will be thinner than previous versions and will have a slightly larger screen.

The new additions make the iPhone seem irresistible and a must have. Besides no headphone jack the apple ear pods will have Bluetooth therefore why there is no headphone jack.

With the new galaxy release there has been some recalls. The Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled due to the battery overheating and catching on fire. This issue may occur with all the other new releases.

The iPhone release brought a lot onto Apple’s table such as the new ear pods. The phone comes with a new wireless technology that can connect to the apple watches. With the addition of the double camera when zooming in, it no longer becomes blurry and the double camera allows for wider shots.

On the other hand, the Galaxy 7 will have a 5g network connection, a camera with 12 mega-pixels, wireless charging, new colors, and a bigger screen. The phone is wider than the S6 by 1.1mm but it won’t seem any bigger in your hand. Some downsides of the galaxy are that the touchwiz is bugged and the speakers are poor. The new galaxy 7 has no big improvements to the exterior but they have improved the software.

In current polls the Galaxy has been favored more. The iPhone has been released, but the Galaxy is appealing to customers because of its new colors, improved battery life, and waterproof housing. The iPhone has similar features such as the colors, camera, and software. The Galaxy seems to be the best phone on the market so far, so the Samsung Corporation outdid themselves this time.

Most of the population seems to prefer the iPhone over Galaxy. In current interviews, over 75% of the people preferred the iPhone.

The main reason for the upcoming iPhone 7 popularity is “Its features just stand out more than what a galaxy has.” Sean Vega 9th.

So far Samsung has been dominating the phone industry. In the past few months since the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 release there have been some drawbacks.

However, these drawbacks have done no effect to the Samsung corporation entirely. The Samsung is the main leader of phones only for one reason. This past year iPhone has had issues with their shipping leading to their phones not being easily available.

Since the incident of exploding phones, one man had a problem where he could not board a plane because of the dangers that occur with the phone. The man was about to get on the plane yet the airport was increasingly cautious since the news of exploding phones. Since the news spread, the man was unable to board unless the phone was left behind.

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Apple Battles Galaxy