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Blair Witch Scares

Kay Miramontes, Staff Writer

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The new Blair Witch movie didn’t live up to its predecessor because it felt scripted and Hollywood compared to Blair Witch Project (1999). The movie is scary and decent if you haven’t seen the first movie but it is disappointing.

Blair Witch is about a young man and his friends venturing into the Black Woods Forest in hopes of discovering how his sister went missing. Many of them believed that her disappearance has something to do with the legend of the Blair Witch. A pair of locals offer to guide them through the forest and they are soon visited by a violent and unwelcoming presence.

The movie received 36% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.1/10. This rating is pretty fair considering that the movie didn’t offer much resolution and didn’t add much to the original story. It had some of the same features as the first movie with the scenes of being lost in the forest, going around in circles, and being left rock piles and stick people outside of the character’s tents. It felt more like a bad remake than an actual sequel.

The movie had one too many jump-scares that felt lame and simply killed the atmosphere of the first movie. It didn’t deliver the same mystery and anxiety of the first movie.

The camera work during the movie was really the most disappointing part. All characters had a camera on them so if they strayed from the group the audience knew where they were and what they were doing. This took away the anxiety and fear that came from not knowing where the other characters went and whether or not they are even alive.

The actors themselves did a decent job, but there really wasn’t anything noteworthy or memorable about their performance. Overall the movie is just disappointing to the first movie but is good if you’re looking for small scare.

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Blair Witch Scares