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The Cat Calls Need To Stop Now

Drawn by Cynthia Castro

Fernanda Jaramillo, Staff Writer

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Catcalling is the act of making a comment or whistle sound of sexual nature about a stranger in public.

Typically, it’s men who do this to women, and the comments can range from “nice legs” to “call me later.”

Sometimes, it’s even striking up what would, in another context, be a normal conversation, but it is the tone and persistence that makes a woman feel unsafe.

Some may define catcalling simply just as flirting. WRONG.

Whether it’s men screaming out of their car, men making sexual comments as you walk by, or even a man who starts to follow you (yes, this does happen and it is terrifying) it is sexual harassment.

Catcalling makes women feel uncomfortable and often leads to fear. Women do not know if the men scream-
ing at them will hurt them if the woman does not respond to the uncomfortable gestures.

Being afraid to walk down the street because you don’t know if some-
thing will happen to you is a sad world to live in. Men need to understand that the sexual comments and the relentless drive to get our attention will not work. It will only drive the female away even more.

Would a man be content with their mother, daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend being whistled at them, called “baby”, or being followed by strange men? I do not think so.

Women are human beings, not objects that are here for the amusement of men. It needs to stop.

– Sincerely,

Women Everywhere

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The Cat Calls Need To Stop Now