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Ouija is Never Just a Game

Juanita Bermudez, Staff Writer

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Ouija: Origin of evil is horror supernatural film that can scare you off your seats considering the first film in 2014 was a fall-out. Mike Flanagan, the director of the film, does his best to set up the late 60’s feels to the movie by setting up the old universal logo in the beginning of the film and having that creepy old house.

The film came out October 16,2016 it is about a widowed mother (Elizabeth Rester) and her two daughters that scam people in believing that they can communicate with the dead. The mother gets an idea from her oldest daughter Lina (Annalise Basso) to buy an Ouija board to use as a new stunt. However, the mother ends up playing it by herself even though the board rule advised not to. When she does, she ends up opening a door to a merciless spirit that takes over her young daughter Doris (Lulu Wilson). That changed their life forever.

The acting of Lulu Wilson as Doris does an acceptable job on creepiness. Throughout the film she was being nice and friendly one moment and evil and ready to kill in the next moment. She is not the only one who leaves in an impression. Another person would be the priest (Henry Tomson) that tries to help the family out when Lina asks for help when she notice something is off with Doris.

Overall, the movie is horrifying to watch alone but it does come to in an extent on how much blood is spread on that is a PG-13 movie. This movie explains the back-story of the house and the board of the movie in 2014. In spite of the previous movie I would recommend watching this movie to have the scare of your life.

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Ouija is Never Just a Game