Supernatural's 10th season slashes its way into CW's fall lineup

Supernatural's 10th season slashes its way into CW's fall lineup

Felipe Perez

From hell and back again, Supernatural kicks in to their tenth season with the fight for souls. The cliff hanger ending season nine left many fans stunned. Producers promise Supernatural’s tenth season will bring surprises fans will not see coming.

Since season ten's first episode is the 200th episode, producers are highlighting this special event by turning the episode into a musical to amp up the creativity in the show.This special event may or may not have the leading actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles singing, but this episode will be fun to watch and very creative which Supernatural is well known for.

For those of you who don’t know what Supernatural it’s about, it’s basically about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester who hunt monsters, demons, and in later season, angels. The brothers have killed off many of their big threats in the world like the “the yellow eyed demon,” the first demon Lilith, then, the king of hell, Crowley and more importantly, Lucifer.  Villains are not their only battles; they also have to deal with fallen angels and trying to close the gates of hell (which they couldn't close before).

Even their own resources are dangerous.  Dean used the Mark of Cain to fight his enemies last season, but with every use of this dark power most of his life drained.  After being dramatically wounded by Metatron (the scrib of God) Dean dies, Crowley visits the dead Dean Winchester only to see that the Mark of Cain does not want to let go of him.Dean opens his eyes which are now black orbs and season nine ends with the show's demon- hunter a reborn demon.

Fans turning into the new season are waiting for the good vs evil brother showdown as hunter Sam Winchester will surely encounter his new demon sibling. According to the actor, Jared Padelicki who plays the role of Sam, “He (Sam) doesn’t know that he’s (Dean's) a demon at the beginning of Season 10. But when he does find out his brother isn’t just missing, he’s a demon, it doesn’t piss him off. He doesn’t think Dean did it on purpose or anything. He gets pissed off at Crowley instead.” All signs point to Dean facing Crowley in season ten.

With the popularity of the show, suspicion over the lead actors' salaries and desire to stay on the show continue. How long can the CW can hang on to the rising stars. Whatever happens, the cast is locked into season ten so stay tuned to watch what happens when Crowley and Sam go at it throughout this season of Supernatural beginning October 7 at 9:00 p.m on the CW.