Part sinner, part saint, Constantine appeals to all audiences


Alex Ponce

John Constantine, a man who wastes so much time fighting other people’s demons that he forgets about his own.

NBC is releasing a show based off the DC comic series“Hellblazer” called Constantine. It will follow John Constantine, a con-man turned supernatural detective who protects the earth from powerful dark forces. Struggling with his past sins while trying to protect humanity is just one Constantine’s many talents.

Welsh actor Matt Ryan is going to play the title role of the British exorcist/ demonologist John Constantine. The show’s version of Constantine will stay as true as can be to that of the comic. Major character details are being used straight from the comic, such as, Constantine’s sarcastic, ironic British wit, and his overall dark sense of humor.

Harold Perrineau will play Manny, John’s guardian angel who watches over him and advises when needed. Actor, Charles Halford will play Chas Kramer, John’s longest friend. Chas is the silent brawn of the pair and is also John’s trusty cab driver. Irish actor, Emmett Scanlan will appear as Jim Corrigan, a New Orleans homicide detective who is obsessed with justice. Scanlon’s character will eventually become the Spectre, a spirit who exacts justice in gruesome ways.

This series will explore Constantine’s haunted, troubled soul, and show him facing demonic entities while trying to investigate the forces behind them.  John Constantine is a “Master of the dark arts,” so his sorcery based powers will be a plus to the show and make it exciting for fans to watch.

So if you are a fan of dark, gothic themed supernatural shows, or a fan of Hellblazer comics in general, Constantine will debut October 24th at 10pm on NBC. Watching this show will literally be worth dying for.