Get on the vine


Doris Nguyen, Staff Writer

The next big thing is here! In the past year, Vine has become the latest sensation in the social media and app world. Officially launched on January 24, 2013, Vine now has over 40 million users ranging from average users to famous celebrities.

Vine, a video-making app that allows users to record six second videos that will be posted on the app itself, has gained immense popularity ever since its release on the market. The concept of the videos is similar to a gif with sounds as each video will automatically be looped until paused. The short and repetitive nature of these vine videos appeals to the viewers’ short attention span and its quick and to-the-point content are easily an attention grabber for newcomers. The inability to edit clips taken directly on the app also adds to the attraction of Vine as this creates a sense of rawness and realness to the videos. Overall, its popularity can be attributed to its ability to deliver what the people want: simple and easy usage and quick entertainment.

Comedy videos are most popular on Vine at the moment as demonstrated by their dominance of the popular page. However, Vine does offer a vast variety of videos belonging to other categories such as Animals, Art, DIY, Family, Music & Dance, News, Places, Science & Tech, Sports, and Style.

In addition to its intended purpose, Vine has also offered a new platform for many aspiring actors and entertainers to break into “showbiz” through the cyber world.  Many regular viewers are also converting to the producing side of Vine since there is no need for expensive equipment and superior acting to produce entertaining videos with quality content. The revine button also plays a huge role in encouraging this conversion seeing that videos can now be shared and spread quickly and widely, thus giving the newcomers the exposure that they need.

Listed below are the top ten Viners who have successfully made the conversion and are currently hitting it big as Vinelebrities:


  1.   Nash Grier
  • Category: comedy
  • With nearly 9.5 million followers, 16 year old Nash Grier takes the top spot on the Vinelebrities His vines, unlike others, do not have a running theme that each video is centered around; instead his content mostly consists of random topics that reflect his young age. As a result, the videos are not especially appealing to newcomers; however, they do manage to entertain his current fanbase which is largely made up of female adolescents who follow him for both his looks and humor.
  1.   KingBach
  • Category: comedy
  • Following closely behind with 8.2 million followers is Andrew Bachelor, a.k.a. KIngBach. Formerly known as the “King of Vine,” Bachelor’s vines are best known for their tendency to poke fun at racial stereotypes. Aside from his central concept, Bach also vines about random topics such as his obsession with “fresh” shoes and his multiple failed attempts at flirting. He is also the creator of famous internet catchphrases such as “dat backflip doe” and “ aye yo ma, lemme get yo number.”
  1.   Brittany Furlan
  • Category: comedy
  • With 7.3 million followers, Brittany Furlan slowly owns up to her title as the “Queen of Vine”. Although Furlan does have her fair share of nonsense vines, her overall content usually involves her assuming different personalities of her own creation such as Natalie Nature, The Retired Beekeeper, and True Gangsta.
  1.   Jerome Jarre
  • Category: comedy
  • With 7.2 million followers, Frenchman Jerome Jarre captivates the audience’s attention with his awkwardly hilarious vines. In order to entertain his audience, he purposely putting strangers into awkward situations by either abruptly confessing his love for them or making weird, spontaneous noises in public places.
  1. Alx James
  • Category: comedy
  • Alx James’s vines usually involve the familiar setting of the inside of his car as it seems that that is the place where he typically carries out his rants about social issues or simply annoying subjects and people. Although the concept may seem ordinary, his sassy and sarcastic attitude is what keeps people coming back for more.
  1.   Curtis Lepore
  • Category: comedy
  • Lepore’s vines appeal to viewers for their originality and simplicity. His frequent collaborations with other Vine stars also contribute to his attraction.
  1.   Cameron Dallas
  • Category: comedy
  • Similar to Nash Grier, Dallas’s mostly vines about random topics and his videos are nothing extraordinary. However, his large number of teenage female followers will likely argue that his attraction can be attributed to his spunky and goofy boy-next-door charm.
  1.   Jerrry Purpdrank
  • Category: comedy
  • With hilarious, nonsense videos and a killer impression of Lil’ Wayne, Purpdrank quickly becomes a fan favorite. His exaggerated acting and over-the-top reactions will leave viewers in stitches.
  1.   Rudy Mancuso
  • Category: comedy
  • Similar to KingBach’s concept, Rudy Mancuso uses his Hispanic background to poke fun at racial stereotypes in his vines. He also adds humor to his videos by assuming the roles of several original stereotypical characters such as Spanish Batman and Superman, two Hispanic men named Isaac and Juan, and Tony the Italian.
  1.   Josh Peck
  • Category: comedy
  • The name Josh Peck should sound familiar to some of you as you might recall a certain Josh Nichols from the hit nickelodeon show “Drake and Josh”. The actor's vines usually involve self-deprecating jokes and subtle references to his previous role on the sitcom.

As of now, Vine continues to attract enormous numbers of newcomers and as its popularity continues to rapidly increase, it’s highly likely that in the next few years, the app will become a household name like other well-known social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook.