Hey You! Your Snaps Didn’t Really Delete!

Hey You! Your Snaps Didn’t Really Delete!

Gisselle Godinez, Staff Writer

Not so fast everyone! Those “snaps” you sent didn’t actually delete! In a time where social media has overpowered today’s society, one of the most popular apps that has propelled its way up to the top of the app store charts has been Snapchat, an easy-to-use photo messaging application where you simply “snap” a photo, add a caption, and then send it your friends.

The makers of Snapchat have made it clear: “your friends will view the ‘snap,’ laugh, and it will then disappear from the screen.” But wait! They never mentioned the catch. After having believed all along that your “snaps” self- destructed with the time limit you placed on them, you suddenly decide to read Snapchat Inc.’s Privacy Policy, which states that the company collects information a user provides to them including EVERYTHING sent through the chat screen. Yes, everything, ranging from your “snaps,” to your videos, to your stories. Dun dun dun!!!

You’re regretting having sent those snaps of yourself to your friends last night, aren’t you? Well, they’re either stored in Snapchat’s servers, or worse: they’re screenshotted (thank you Urban Dictionary) onto your friends’ phones, who later decided to send them to their friends, ultimately circulating the web like Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nude pictures.

But wait, don’t panic! That is, unless you have something to hide. But to those who have used the app appropriately, simply as a means of fun, casual communication with friends, and have not exploited its possible dangerous uses, a question still lingers: will you still use Snapchat after becoming aware of this secret?

Well, it’s quite amazing to see the vast amount of students at this school who use this app, despite the threats to their privacy. That’s because we all know that as teenagers, we go with the flow and are caught up in the cultural trends of this hipster generation. The majority has simply boarded the Snapchat bandwagon, “snapping” away photos due to the “yolo” attitude that has consumed us.

However, few believe in the art of the self-destructing selfie. When asked about her opinion regarding Snapchat, senior Vivien Roman bluntly stated “…I don’t really see the point in it. I mean what, you’re gonna take a picture and it’s going to destruct like in ten seconds.” Likewise, senior Angelie Narzabal  has a similar reason for not using Snapchat. “…I don’t like taking pictures and sending them out. I’m a private person…it doesn’t seem amusing to me and I don’t see the fun in taking a picture of yourself…”

For those who have the tendency to “snap” naughty photos and expose them to the world of social media, then by all means, continue using Snapchat in its fullest form. Remember though, you’re using the app at your own risk, although you now know that the content you disclose does not actually delete. So, you might want to rethink your use of Snapchat.