Eat more chicken at Juan Pollo

Ramiro Cedillo
Ready for Juan Pollo?

With the recently open Juan Pollo residents of La Puente are sure in for a treat. Juan Pollo opened up just last month, after weeks of waiting, by Workman Mill Rd. Just in case you didn’t know, Juan Pollo is a Mexican styled roast chicken founded by Albert Okura who didn’t even like chicken. According to the San Bernardino Sun, Albert Okura said in an interview, ““I didn't know what I was doing,” he says. “I didn't know how to cook chicken. I didn't even like chicken. But I told myself I was going to do this, and I was going to stick with it no matter what. I made a commitment.””
After anxiously waiting I had to see some yelp reviews to see if my hopes wouldn’t be crushed. To my relief most of the reviews basically said that the food was amazing and for a good price, I especially found that people loved the potato salad. Though there were many comments regarding the customer service and how it wasn’t necessarily the best.
Now it was time for me to go and try some chicken at this new restaurant. I went and tried the Dinner Special, which costs 7.99, because it has all the sides, the chicken and a drink. I actually felt that the customer service was good as the cashier and workers seemed really friendly. Once I finished my meal I was absolutely stuffed.
The meal was absolutely delicious. The chicken was absolutely delicious, it was tender, juicy, and had a zesty flavor to it. The beans did taste a bit salty and so did the rice, so they had a bit of an odd taste I didn’t really like, however it was a taste that I didn’t mind, so I got over it and ate it. Now the potato salad, which is the last side, was the MVP of the sides it was just on another level. The potato’s seemed really soft and overall had a nice sweet and creamy flavor to it. When ordering, this is a must needed side.
When asked about Juan Pollo, Junior Alex Mai says, “In my opinion it has wrecked all other chicken restaurant chains.” He also says, “If I could I would go and eat some every week.”
The new Juan Pollo is definitely a worthwhile place to go eat for a cheap price. I definitely will be going often.