Ready for Juan Pollo?

Ready for Juan Pollo?

Ramiro Cedillo, Feature Editor

It’s crazy delicious chicken. Flame broiled, juicy, and finger licking good. Juan Pollo was founded by a Mc Donald’s hamburger guy who saw people turning away from red meat and saw an opportunity to fill a need. Now, the chain is open on Workman Mill Road just across from the Ralph’s shopping center.

Aside from the crazy story about how Albert Okura, founder, who (according to the San Bernadino Sun) admitted, “I didn’t know how to cook chicken. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t even like chicken,” Juan Pollo is a classic story about follow through and commitment.

Consistency has made this chain what it is and has spawned several knock-off chicken cousins who have worked to recreate the famous, flame-broiled taste: think Juan’s Pollo (not Juan Pollo) located on Amar Road next to Yum Yum’s.

While most can get close to recreating the chicken, few can mimic the quality of the sides. You MUST try the potato salad. It is creamy and smooth with just a hint of sweetness and a slight crunch of carrot. The beans are slow cooked and a little salty, but definitely satisfying. Don’t be fooled by the rice. It’s not traditional Mexican rice. In fact, it’s more Asian influenced. The rice is slightly sticky and has the bonus of small chunks of chicken worked in so that it’s almost a meal in itself.

The price is right at Juan Pollo with the dinner special at $7.99 including chicken, sides, and a drink. Other menu items include tacos and family style meals. Either way, this reviewer was happily stuffed.

Juan Pollo, Junior Alex Mai says, “In my opinion (Juan Pollo) has wrecked all other chicken restaurant chains. If I could, I would go and eat some every week.”

The new Juan Pollo is definitely a worthwhile place to go and eat for a cheap price. I definitely will be going often.