A View into Band’s Fresh Start of the Year

Johanna Romo, Opinion Editor

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The award-winning marching band started off on the left foot on October 11, 2014 in Azusa, with a multitude of fresh band members new to the experience.

“It was very nerve-wracking,” said Liliana Serrano, 10th. “I was afraid to mess up in front of the judges, but the festival was very entertaining and it was a relief to be done with the competition.”

Practices for both The Beatles field show and parade competitions began after the first week of school, August 25, and have since helped prepare the band as they learn to better their performances.

For many years before the current school year, practices were held after school, suffered by students and instruments alike in sweltering heat during the end of summer. Plagued by a lack of attendance—due to students being tired out from school alone—band director Jason Tveit moved the hour-long practices to the morning and has since then made great advances in the quality of the band.

Tveit admits that while the band this year is top-heavy (in which there are more wind instruments than brass instruments) balance within instruments is fixable. Compliments have also reached Tveit in more than just words.

“Having the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority contact me to have the band play at the groundbreaking ceremony really shows you the impact we’ve had on the community.”

This year’s drum major Enrique Lucas, 11th, shares his insight of the band:

“Last year, we had a smaller band and now we’re bigger. This gives us an advantage in sounding louder, so musically we are better. The disadvantage is because we have lots of new people, they still need to get the hang of marching precisely.”

In comparison to last year’s first parade in Azusa, this year’s band has raised the score from 77.1 to 79.2 out of 100 overall, with the individual music score going up from 367 to 386 out of 500. Not that high of an achievement, but definitely an improvement.

The individual M&M score (marching and maneuvering) had decreased from 241 to 227 out of 300, presumably because the new students were inexperienced to band’s routines during a competition. But not to worry! With amazing mentors in each instrument section, our beloved band will be sure on its way to first place once more.