Healthy Choices


Jose Gomez, Web Editor/ Ninja

With diabetes affecting 9.3% of all Americans, everyone is looking for healthy substitutes in their diets. Mouthwatering snacks entice us all: crunchy limon chips, refreshing soda, and decadent chocolate bars make their way into our diet every day. These guilty pleasures are usually used as placeholders of actual nutritional meals. This disrupts the amounts of nutrients that your body should ingest to function efficiently. These maleficent cravings can be relieved with these healthy substitutes:

  1. Nutella Pizza

This delicacy is as simple as is gets. With only 3 ingredients this snack packs copious amounts of fiber and pizzaprotein! Hazelnut spread has increased in popularity within the last two years. Brands like Nutella enable consumers to make a healthier choice and avoid chowing down on all that chocolate scored at Halloween.


5 Whole wheat Graham Crackers

3 teaspoons of hazelnut spread

¼ cup of sliced strawberries

  1. Planters Nuts

    Not in the chef mood? No problem. Luckily, snacks that line grocery store shelves are not all bad. Planters offer countless amounts of  nuts that  consumers can never get enough of. Their energy mix offers 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber with every serving. These nuts are healthy and tasty.





  1. Grilled Chicken Saladsalad

Healthy choices are not only meant to be made at home. When fast food is your only option it is critical that you make the correct choice. Jack in The Box offers a grilled chicken salad that removes the guilt fast food. With only 360 calories and 20g of fat this is definitely a meal that is good tasting and good for you.