Things you should do before you graduate

Things you should do before you graduate

  • Get a crepe from Caramelo Cafe!

– Caramelo Cafe is just a few minutes from Bassett. If you haven’t already, you should definitely try it out. Its high quality, yet affordable and it’s the bomb

  • Go on a Chris’s date

-Chris’s serves as the perfect date if you want to eat a good burger and fries with some of your closest friends. Best of all, its cheap

  • Get a Bionico from Bionicos y Jugos Zapopan

-So worth it!

  • Take advantage of your Subway discount

-Chances are after you graduate, you won’t be able to use your school I.D as a means to get a discount off of your favorite sub so take full advantage of it now

  • Attend a band event

-Many of you claim that “Music is life” so why not attend an event that celebrates it? (i.e band concert,band parade)MarchingBand