Trainers Get Your Pokéballs Ready!

Trainers Get Your Pokéballs Ready!

Felipe Perez, Staff Writer

Turning on the Gameboy, watching that beginning cut scene of your character riding a bike and seeing the legendary Pokémon Latios fly brings back memories of the great Pokémon game we all know as Ruby and Sapphire. The many Pokémon you encounter, the many rivals and battles you fight in, the Elite 4 and the champion Steven waiting for you in the end for you to claim your title  as League Champion and Pokémon Master await you once again in the newest remake by Nintendo titled Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, in stores November 21st, 2014.

This amazing game will be including new Mega Evolutions given to us from the previous X and Y game. Mega Evolutions will be brought to the Hoenn region as it did for the Kalos region of X and Y. The list of Mega Evolutions starts off with Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert getting their own Mega Evolutions, along with plenty other great Pokémon including Slowbro, Salamence, Camerupt, and many more.

On October 21st, Nintendo® will release a Special Demo of the games for Trainers and gamers to enjoy. This Special Demo will give the player a great experience on how the game will be set up; along with the transferring of items and a Mega Evolution type Pokémon, either Mega Steelix or Mega Glalie depending on the demo version, onto the actual game once they are released.

There will be a gift for all Trainers once the game is released. There will be a mystery gift of a Shiny Beldum from November 21th, 2014- January 14th, 2015 along with its own Mega Stone so it can Mega Evolve once you evolve the Beldum into a Metagross.

But the Pokémon franchise keeps going by allowing Trainers to purchase an all new edition of the 2DS. For the games release, they will create two new 2DS’s which are the color of the main legendaries from the game, the blue representing Kyogre and red representing Groudon.  This 2DS will come with a bundle with its respective game on the launch date of November 21, 2014.Don’t forget to get your copy of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and start a brand new Pokémon adventure and of course to catch them all!