Bound and Determined in C.I.F.


Monserrath Flores, Staff Writer

The Olympians were on the verge of greatness once again. What stood in their way? Paraclete High School.                              It is nothing new for Bassett to be doubted. The team saw the win against Paraclete as a chance to change the image of the school through football. That mission in mind, the team was determined to go out there and win.

By the end of the first quarter, the Olympians were down by only seven points. As the game progressed, during quarter two, Paraclete was up 30. By fourth quarter, the score was 44-0. No one scored during the fourth quarter.

Paraclete, as the number one seed in the Southern Section Mid Valley, had every advantage going into the game. Still, the Olympians came as prepared as possible, Marcus Ruiz, quarterback, emphasized,“I will have to protect the ball more. Not give them a chance at turnovers.”

Bassett is used to playing the underdog and welcomes the doubters. Ruiz explains, “I love that people doubt me especially because of my height. I like it because it’s a chance to show that size doesn’t represent everything.”

After four touchdowns against Ganesha and over a hundred rushing yards against La Puente, even the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has highlighted Marcus Ruiz as a stand-out player, who, surprisingly is only a sophomore on the varsity team.

Headed to C.I.F against Paraclete was in itself an accomplishment for Bassett.  It had been over ten years since the team had made it to C.I.F. Finishing third in league and a game away from finishing first in league, the statistics and end of the season don’t tell the story of this determined team on the rise.