Water Polo Gets its Feet Wet


Francisco Murillo executes an outlet for Bassett High School. Photo by Angelie Narzabal

Doris Nguyen, Staff Writer

Water Polo returns to a tough season focused on learning the game.

As Coach Stanzione stated, “For a first year team, [the players did] very well.”

Most of the players recruited for the new sport were on the swim team. Although their swimming abilities had helped their performance, the demand of having to remember crucial strategies and maneuvers placed Water Polo on a new level of difficulty.

However, Coach Stanzione stated that winning was not the main priority of the team.

They understood that there were setbacks to being a new team and the main focus was on “trying to teach everybody the game and …get[ting] more bodies out.”

During the season, the team had only 15 players in all. Ideally, as Assistant Coach McCandliss stated, both girls’ and boys’ teams should have 12 people each; however, due to the lack of numbers, the team agreed to be coed.

Even with the lack of players, however, key players such as Hariana Herrera (9th) who played defensive for the girls’ division and Ernesto Batres (12th) and Adam Gutierrez (12th), who also served as the team captains, for the boys’ division, compensated for the disadvantages with their excellent performance in the waters.