How To Save A Life

Felipe Perez, Staff Writer

The Blood Drive is a really great way to not only get some community hours done, but also to help people around the world.

“Doing the blood drive really showed me that not only can I obtain the hours I need, but also by saving someone’s life in the process,” Junior Ricardo Moreno states after he donated the blood.

Not only did Ricardo donate blood, he was one of the students who used the Alyx machine which donates twice as much red cells in the body and also does not use a big needle. Donating blood may leave some students a bit anxious. Just ask Junior Sergio Flores. “I felt extremely nervous about the needle going into my veins or something going wrong, but in the end I knew I was helping a life. Made me feel like a hero.”

The students that donated blood also stated that other students should really try out donating blood. They explained that donating is a great experience and that there really are no worries. According to the Health Academy teacher Ms. Howard, her HOSA team managed to have 69 students and teachers donated, which means that 69 pints were given this December 3rd. To donate blood, you must meet special requirements first. You must be 16 years or older, have a parent permission slip, and at least three teachers permission as well. Always remember that a pint of blood that one donates can save up to three lives. So if you can, donate on March 11th, 2015 to save a life.