Move over Peppermint Mocha — it’s time for the Chestnut Praline Latte


Connie Morales, Staff Writer

Starbuck’s newest holiday drink was released on November 12.

It’s been five years since Starbucks released a new drink, and with the holidays coming up, a new drink couldn’t come at a better time. The drink consists of espresso, steamed milk, and flavors of caramelized chestnuts and spice, then topped with whipped cream and praline crumbs. However, it is free of chestnuts and nuts (for those that don’t like nuts or are allergic). You can get the latte hot or iced, or in a frappuccino. In my opinion, the hot drink tasted better than the iced one. So what does it taste like?

“The hot one tastes like chestnut. The cold one could taste the bitterness of the coffee more than the hot.”

– Nichell Martinez

“It’s too bitter and too strong for my taste… Well, that’s because I don’t drink coffee and wanted to jump on the bandwagon and try it.”

– Gisselle Godinez

“Contrary to its light color, the iced one’s taste is surprisingly bitter. The flavor had no depth and is a bit bland.”

– Doris Nguyen

“A nice warm flavor that has a smell of chestnuts which help bring in the flavor.”

– Victor F.

“It’s sweet with the flavor of caramel coffee that the younger generation would like. It tastes as if it doesn’t have sugar, yet an imitation of it.”

– Briana Gomez