Modest Mouse: Will they fall flat?

Modest Mouse: Will they fall flat?

Ana Perez, Staff Writer

The band that told us to “float on” is back. That’s right. 2015 get ready, because Modest Mouse is back in business.

A new album is definitely in the works for this Alternative/Indie rock group, and we have some evidence to prove it. Not so long ago, the band dropped a teaser image that had what looked like a vinyl labeled “Lampshades on Fire”. More recently however, it was clarified in different image that “Lampshades” will be their first single from their new album, “Strangers to Ourselves”. Mark Down your calendars fans because it’s supposed to come out on March 3, 2015.

So what the big deal about a new album being released? Artists are always releasing albums. Thing is, Modest Mouse went a total of 8 years without releasing any sort of official content, and older music fans may have some sort of idea as to what that’s like.

With forthcoming content from any artist, comes along hype about what the new stuff may sound like or if it will be any better than their old content. So far, it seems like “Lampshades” is a far cry from being the next “Float On”, but that’s not to say it’s a bad track.

It’s inevitable for a band to not change their sound and “Lampshades” is proof of that, but there’s no doubt that it’s a Modest Mouse song. Even with a slightly different sound, it’s still has their distinctive aspects, like funky lead vocals and laid back beats. Fans look forward to spending time bobbing your head to new Modest Mouse music.