Who You Gonna Call? Saul Goodman Is Back!



Felipe Perez, Staff Writer

Better Call Saul is a prequel to the legendary show that kept viewers watching the entire time, Breaking Bad. Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this show will mostly revolve around the unique, shady Saul Goodman before he actually became the man we knew in the series Breaking Bad. According to some reports, this show will take place six years before Saul met Walter White, when Saul’s original name was James M. McGill.

Of course, we all can expect Bob Odenkrik (Saul Goodman) to be in the show since he is the main star of this prequel. We can also expect to see Jonathan Banks (the infamous Mike Ehrmantraut who doesn’t care for anything but his granddaughter) back since he was hired by Saul himself. This duo we will see in action yet again doing some dastardly deeds. The show has not yet confirmed that Walter White or Jesse Pinkman are going to make an appearance since this show is taking place before this crazy man became Walter White’s lawyer.

But what led to this iconic lawyer to have his very own show? Was it his crazy schemes and ways he made the fans think,” What is he going to do next?” Is it how is personality is to get people what they want, as safely as possible? Many fans loved him because of how he could solve problems using loopholes to actually save most of his clients. Fans are looking forward to how this man was before he became the sleazy lawyer we know in Breaking Bad. Will he actually be different than he is now? That is the main question many fans are actually wondering as the show approaches to premiere, Bob Odenkirk stated that,” The show will focus on the evolution of the Goodman character before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer.” This little hint shows that his personality might not be as we see it in the original show Breaking Bad series, making most of us wonder how this character really was before he was Saul Goodman.

Not much is known about the whole concept or plot that will be in this show. According to Bob Ordenkirk, this new series will be “a mix of prequel and sequel.” Since this show has the sneaky Saul Goodman, people wondered if the show will be a comedy or what exactly the genre will be. Not to worry fans this new series has been said to be 75% comedy and 25% drama so we can expect a lot of funny segments with this deranged lawyer now being the main star of the show. So be sure to stay tuned in the AMC channel on February 8th, 2015 to witness the beginning of James M McGill.