America’s Hungry For Brains



Alex Ponce, Staff Writer

CW jumps into living dead craze with iZombie, one of the most anticipated shows of 2015 mainly because of the fresh cast, great plot, and of course its new twist on the genre.

iZombie follows Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver), a former college medical student whose life takes a turn for the worse when a party she attends becomes a zombie buffet. Liv becomes a half zombie also known as a “revenant.” The only way to prevent becoming a full zombie is for her to consume human brains once a month.

This leads Liv to get a job at the morgue where she can satisfy her needs and maintain human abilities. Aside from the bonus of satiating her hunger, she gains the deceased’s memories. Her newfound ability leads her to work with the police to help solve homicides and unsolved cases.

The series inspired by the comic book will focus on Liv’s acceptance to becoming a zombie and how she uses her power to absorb memories to help the police force, but will also show her also having to adapt to the rapid changes that are happeneing in her life.

Rahul Kohli is playing Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, Liv’s boss and confidante who watches out for her and studies her condition. Malcolm Goodwin is playing the role of Clive Babinaux, a local police detective who gets help from Liv to solve murders. Aly Michalka is casted as Payton Charles, Liv’s best friend and roommate.

This new zombie-based series adds a fresh, new take on the zombie genre, by adding characteristics of sitcoms and crime dramas. This show will still appeal to fans of undead movement because it, of course, has zombies!

Junior Raymond Vargas says “I’m really looking forward to finding out how they play out this new series, and how being a zombie will affect Liv’s life and job.”