Fan Burns on Fire-day the Thirteenth

Eduardo Zamora, Web Editor

This Friday, March 13th, a fan in the storage room between Maes’ and Valdovinos’ classrooms sparked and ignited itself, setting off the fire alarms and causing the evacuation of the entire school.

Eyewitnesses described Maes heroically rushing for the fire extinguisher and putting out the fire.

Soon after that, the fire department came and ventilated the rooms to clear the room from smoke.

This machine sucked… the smoke out of the storage room to ventilate the area. Photo by Victoria Gurrola

“It could have been a lot worse”, notes Maes.

“Its crazy because of all [the] false alarms”, commented Celine Diaztrujillo, Junior.

It is true. Recently, our fire alarm has had a score of annoying false positives, and many of us have become conditioned to ignore these loud sirens and just carry on with our lives.

“It was crazy because since the alarm always goes off it didn’t seem real. Seeing how it all went down made it seem like if the fake fire drills were better played out than when the real one happened”, agreed Sergio Flores.