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Hike Up Your Pants and Head Down These Trails

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Hike Up Your Pants and Head Down These Trails

Arroyo trail entrance

Arroyo trail entrance

Arroyo trail entrance

Arroyo trail entrance

Jose Gomez, Web Editor

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Hiking is student’s most popular after school and weekend activity. It is the easiest and most inexpensive activity for any amount of people. Hiking allows for some hang-out time with friends or ‘baes’ without breaking the bank.

  1. TurnBull Canyon

Perhaps the most popular hiking trail is the Turnbull Canyon trail or also known as the “Water tower hike.” This trail is about 3.5-4.5 miles depending on which of the two trails you take. One trail is a mild adventure with small slopes and is more popular with group hikers. The other trail is more of a challenge, perfect for those who utilize hiking as a sport or training.

Regardless of the path you take the common end is well worth the work. You get a divine view of the cities surronding the plato along with a water tower that has art painted on it. Parking is free at all times but the trail entrance closes at sunset.


  1. Arroyo Pescadero Park

If you’re intimidated by trails or don’t quite think you are ready this is the trail for you. This is a trail that is meant for begginers. It measures about 2.5 miles in length and does not feature much elevation like TurnBull. Without this difficulty you are not rewarded with a stellar view either. This trail should be used as a segway to the life of hiking.

Be sure to bring water and snacks so that you don’t die of dehydration or starvation. This trail is slightly less popular leading to fewer people.


3.      Schabarum Regional Park

Living in the city sometimes makes it hard to get back into nature, Schabarum Park lets you do just that. This park is massive that features a pretty sweet trail.  Since it doubles as a park it’s a great place for the entire family to go. Parking is free on weekdays but will cost you $6 on the weekends.

The trail is directly in between TurnBull and Arroyo in regards to difficulty. There are some parts that are slightly steep but they are not too difficult to handle. The only part of the trail that might put up a struggle is the length, 6 miles. Hiking is not always for the excersize, it is just a hobby to many, so give it a try. Invite your best friend, family, or future bae to go on a hiking adventure.

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Hike Up Your Pants and Head Down These Trails