Mr. Grey Will See You Now


Monse Flores, Staff Writer

Not nearly kinky enough, 50 shades looks to break the mold and push boundaries when really it dishes up a predictable Hollywood romance.

Think about it: Yes, the millionaire has his oddity, a fetish for restraints, but that’s not nearly as troubling as some of the Disney heartthrobs’ secrets. Prince Adam (aka Beast) had an anger issue and some pretty sharp claws, Naveen (Princess and the Frog) spends time as an amphibian, and Flynn (Tangled) is an outlaw on the run. Essentially, this is the classic good girl meets bad boy story.

There are no cute woodland creatures in this film. Fans of this best-seller flooded theaters for the steamy sex scenes and sadly they came up cold. Yes, whips are involved, but fans feel the bite of the let down too when Grey goes too far and those on board with the kink want the whole thing to end.

Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) does a decent job at creating a character that is more than inexperienced college girl impressed by the millionaire in shining handcuffs, but Christian Grey’s portrayal by Jamie Dornan is just that, a little grey. Sure, he’s supposed to be closed off and cold, but he fails spark all the bad boy fantasies. Think less James Dean and more Damien Salvatore from “Vampire Diaries.”

Is there a happily ever after for this twisted romance? Hard to tell since the book continues where the book leaves off. Let’s just say it’s open to a sequel, but I for one would suggest a recast.