Swim Team Swimmingly Dives into Spring Season

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Swim Team Swimmingly Dives into Spring Season

Eduardo Zamora, Web Editor

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For the third consecutive year, coaches Chuck Stanzione and Bill McCandliss will direct our swim team. Membership is currently 31 members, but membership is expected to increase as they approach the first meet on March 20.

League relays will take place at Sierra Vista High School on March 20 at 2 PM, where we’ll compete against Edgewood, Baldwin Park, Sierra Vista, Workman, Duarte, La Puente, and Gladstone.

Half of the swimmers on the team are first-year aquatic athletes, allowing much room for improvement over the next few years.

“The team has lots of potential”, admits coach Stanzione. “The goal is to get all the swimmers to know all the strokes, and then we’ll be set”.

Ultimately, our team’s success depends on the skilled to help the less skilled become faster, more efficient swimmers.

“They [swimmers] look so majestic”, observed freshman Karla Felix, the newest member of the swim team.

Captains have not been determined, but seniors Ernesto Batres and Adam Gutierrez, co-captains of our water polo team earlier this year, are plausible picks. With the help of experienced members, they have taken responsibility to help new swimmers improve their technique.

Contrary to popular belief, gloomy days and grey skies do not deter swimmers from practicing. Our wonderful heated pool provides comfort inside the water, allowing the team to swim almost every day.

“Although it’s a team sport, you’re always working against yourself”, tells Coach Stanzione.

Behind the grace and majesty of the swimmers is the hard work and motivation to improve your time.

“It’s a great lifetime sport; you’re not putting any weight on your joints”, explains Stanzione.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fifteen or fifty – swimming is great exercise. Swim team offers its swimmers the ultimate workout for sculpting the beach bodies, but it’s also a great way for older people to stay healthy.


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