Batman, Fans are excited for Arkham Knight


Alex Ponce, Staff Writer

This Summer Batman will be pushed to his limits as he faces off against his most dangerous foes in the final installment of Rocksteady’s Arkham series titled Batman: Arkham Knight. This next installment of the franchise will be the final chapter of the franchise and will take place one year after the events of Arkham City. It will follow Bruce Wayne (Batman) as he protects the streets of Gotham from his most dangerous enemies who have now allied together in order to take down the bat once and for all.

Arkham Knight will take place in Gotham City which is said to be 5x larger than the Arkham city map. It will have the same mechanics as the past installments but with certain upgrades in gameplay. For example, a new takedown called Fear-Takedown will allow batman to takedown multiple thugs before they become alarmed. Batman will also be able to attack enemies with weapons found in the environment, and steal weapons from thugs during combat.

The biggest new feature for this game is the new drivable bat-mobile. Since Arkham Knight is going to have the biggest open world map out of the past installments a batmobile is a great way to get across the city in a hurry. The batmobile will be able be called and delivered to you on demand and will be able to be driven in two different styles. The first will be the classic car used for transportation; it will also feature certain gadgets built in the car that can be used for Riddler challenges. The next feature is called “battle mode.” This feature will make the original batmobile become a tank, equipped with non-lethal weapons and riot suppressors. The bat-mobile will also be used in new Riddler challenges which will require you to drive through obstacle courses.

“I’m really looking forward in seeing Gotham city, and driving around in the bat mobile”, Alex Saucedo blurts with enthusiasm.

Some characters from the past installments of the franchise will also be making an appearance in this game. Scarecrow being the main villain, accompanied by his partner, Arkham knight, the new character made exclusively for this game. Not much is known about this character so far, but that’s what makes the character so interesting. Other returning villains include Two Face, The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Firefly; some unannounced villains from past installments may show up as well in DLC.

As for Batman’s allies, it has been confirmed that Robin, Nightwing, Catwomen and Azreal are set to appear. They will be playable in a new combat mechanic called, Dual play which will let the player switch between Batman and any of his allies during free-flow combat. Bat ally Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl will be playable to those who purchase the season pass which is going to be sold for 40$. Fan favorites Red Hood and Harley Quinn will also be available to play in their own combat packs, if you preorder the game from GameStop.

The Arkham franchise has been one of the best-selling video game series to date. With Arkham Knight being packed with villains, an upgraded batsuit and new drivable batmobile there is no surprise this game is one of the most anticipated games of 2015. So if you think you could be the hero Gotham deserves be sure to pick up Batman Arkham Knight on June 23 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.