Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle Gets Its Own show


Felipe Perez, Staff Writer

Mike Tyson in tight pants, Jimmy Fallon having a church-like chorus behind him, and Terry Cruz finding his feminine side can all be seen in one magnificent show. Lip Sync Battle is an all new series that was previously just a segment from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Popular in demand, they aired their first episode on April 2nd on Spike, and the ratings were off the charts.

So far the show has aired six episodes and featured stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and stars like John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert in The Office. The show consists of two people that battle to see who can outperform their rival. It is two separate stages as they call it.

The first stage is just lip syncing where both the opponents simply lip sync to the best of their abilities to gain the audience’s attention. After the first stage, when both competitors are done with their performance, there is a short break before entering stage 2. In this stage, both competitors get to use props, back up dancers, anything they want in order to make their performance the greatest, as well as the funniest, to win votes.

Once both stages are completed, the audience cheers to vote for their Lip Sync Champion. The winner is then awarded with the Lip Sync title, a costumed belt for the winner.

“Lip Sync Battle is an exciting new show. You never know what the guests will do to try to outperform each other,” states junior, Luis Ascencio. Lip Sync Battle is a really funny show that will make you smile. This show also has gotten some great reviews in general as well as ratings.

“I never thought I would see a day where celebrities would have to actually have to leave their comfort zone in order to gain votes,” says junior, Jose Mejia after watching the performances of the celebrities in some short clips.

Lip Sync Battle is a unique show that many should suggest watching. It captivates the audience and can make anyone giggle with delight. You will definitely enjoy seeing many of your favorite stars dancing and doing their best to win. Hands down a great show and I expect many magnificent things to come from this show in the future.