Mumford and Sons Evolve to the Age of Electric Sounds

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Mumford and Sons Evolve to the Age of Electric Sounds

Amanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Open up your ears and believe in Mumford and Sons electric new album, Wilder Mind. On May 4th, Mumford and Sons debuted their new album sound. Despite ditching the banjos for electric guitars, Mumford and Sons doesn’t disappoint with their shift from their familiar folk sound to rock.

Although it may seem like without the banjos and the foot-stomping, Mumford and Sons haven’t lost their uniqueness; they’re not just another rock band. The switch allows fans to experience something new and old at the same time. The new sound of the electric guitars mixes well with the raspy voice of lead singer, Marcus Mumford.

The band released its first single, “Believe”, on March 9. The song is one of the tracks on their new album Wilder Mind. “Believe” served as a build up to the album, creating anticipation to their new plugged-in sound. It has a Coldplay-ish sound, on the mellow side, while slowly showcasing the electric guitars.

Senior Jonathan Macias was disappointed by the lack of banjos and foot-stomping yet he didn’t dismiss the new tracks, “I feel like that was their signature sound. But both singles are really good.“

The second single, “The Wolf”, released April 9, is a lot faster, upbeat, and rock n roll. It’s like the near opposite of Believe and makes you want to sing along with Marcus. While it has electric guitars and synthesizers, the song maintains something unique in their sound that makes it a Mumford and Sons song.

The band’s third album features more songs similar to their singles. “Tompskin Square Park” was stronger in electric guitars and synthesizers along with “The Wolf”,“Ditmas”, “Just Smoke” and “Wilder Mind”. Some songs like “Snake Eyes” and “Believe” have a slower build up before blasting their new rock n roll sound. Other songs maintained a mellow soulful sound. The significant change in sound can also be attributed to the change in producers from Markus Dravs to James Ford who has worked with bands like Arctic Monkeys.

Wilder Mind debuts at the top of the Billboard 200 at No.1, making this their second album in a row to do so after Babel. Wilder Mind has sold about 249,000 copies thus far. The rock band released a message to fans about their new album, saying that the album is now “freed into the wild where it belongs”.

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