Apple TV: The Rebirth

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Apple TV: The Rebirth

Alex Mai, Staff Writer

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Apple revisits into the media streaming business with a new thicker design, a new app store, a new interface, and a new remote after a three year hiatus. The new Apple TV and all its features will release in October.

Made and crafted as an entertainment machine, the Apple TV features an app store, allowing developers to create and release new software for the machine. An abundance of new content will becontributed by third-party developers to further the Apple TV experience.

The user interface has also been revamped to feel more iOS-like, allowing much easier and smoother navigation. Siri is also coming along with an improved search engine, allowing for a system- wide search support using just your voice.

Apple TV’s design is still sleek and black, but a bit chunkier than its predecessor.The remote was also remodeled to include a touchpad and gesture support, allowing consumers to have a smoother experience.

The Apple TV will revolutionize technology forever,”

— Roberto Alejandre

The new Apple TV will be starting at $149 for 32GB or $199 for 64GB and is available for purchase at the Apple Store or through Although releasing in October, the TV service won’t be the available until 2016. Despite this, the Apple TV, when released, will be a tough competitor to Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Chromecast both set to release updates as well.

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