Dress Code Cracks Down on Exposed Skin

Victoria Gurrola, Entertainment Editor

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Dress codes have been a headache for students since the dawn of time. The dress code here is too restrictive and ill fitting for high school students in sunny Southern California. Now, I understand some rules we have, but what I don’t understand is why shoulders need to be hidden from the eyes of this school.

A good chunk of my wardrobe consists of tank tops and sleeveless blouses. The majority of these show my shoulders in one way or another and covering up my blouse with a sweater is a death sentence when the average temperature is 80 degrees. It is almost impossible to not wear clothing that will actually let your skin breath instead of storing sweat and letting it ferment as the day goes on, but from what it looks like girls are having to endure the heat of the day because they are not allowed to wear tops that’ll allow some sort of ventilation.

Tank tops have revolutionized from simple undershirts to decorative blouses, which means that they are now being worn as tops. The two-finger rule was implemented before, but now students, more specifically girls, cannot show their upper arm, let alone their shoulder. It seems that the problems lies with showing skin. We are all made in different shapes and sizes. What may look like an appropriate pair of shorts on me, a five foot girl, may look completely different on a taller girl.

About a dozen people get dress coded a week, the majority of them being girls. Usually for wearing spaghetti straps. It seems like the majority of the rules are directed towards girls. This may be because they are more vulnerable to breaking the dress code.

Most dress codes are implemented for safety reasons, so what is dangerous or disrespectful about my shoulders? The dress code rules posted in the activities office say, “Students may not wear […] Clothing that is unsafe, lewd, indecent, vulgar, and obscene or gang related including clothing that could cause disruption of the educational process and the orderly operation of the school.” Tank tops are not any of those.

This issue may die down now that colder weather ( I hope) is around the corner, but it will emerge soon enough and something needs to be done about it. Certain factors need to be taken into account. This shouldn’t be a great issue, but it is. I hope that girls will be able to wear something that is comfortable, but also remember that there will always be a limit but sometimes those limits need to be pushed.
Until there is a more sensible reason for these limitations and these reasons are fully explained to the whole school, I will be giving them the cold shoulder.

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