Halloween Attractions That Aren’t Amusement Parks

Halloween Attractions That Aren’t Amusement Parks

Natalia Rojas, Staff Writer

If you live in Los Angeles, you already know about all those basic Halloween attractions. Everybody knows about those “original” mazes that Knott’s, Six Flags, or Universal Studios. So if you want to do something that is terrifying but cheap at the same time, consider some of these lesser know attractions.

 Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

A Halloween tradition for all L.A. residents, the Hayride will not disappoint thrill seekers, especially when the Boogeyman is lurking around the corner. Tickets to the hayride alone cost $30, but general admission is $43.

 Dark Harbor
Sick of attractions with people dressed up in boring costumes? Try the Dark Harbor, located in the Queen Mary. General admission ranges from $24-$39. If you go you will most definitely going to see many ghosts, but one little ghost girl might not be wearing a costume…

 The 17th Door
Think you can handle the unbelievable terrors of a traditional maze or haunted house? Well then, can you handle the real thing? According to the creators of the 17th Door, all the psychological terrors thrown at visitors are REAL. How real? Find out yourself. Regular admission ranges from $23 to $28.

 Creep Los Angeles
The creepy crawlies in a maze usually stay in the maze, but what if the monsters followed you home? What if they followed you to the edge of the world? At Creep Los Angeles, this is exactly the case because the attraction focuses on the terrors that humans can commit against other humans. A half hour of psychological terror will cost you $30, but the creators claim that the terror will haunt you for the rest of your life.