How Much Time Do You Have?


Maria Zesati , Opinion Editor

An overpass for trains and cargo as well as an underpass for vehicles is being built on the Valley and Puente intersection.

The project is said to reduce traffic jam by approximately 13 vehicle-hours of delay each day and will eliminate delays for emergency responders and crossing collisions once completed.

Due to the construction happening weekdays from 7 a.m to 5 p.m, many students who live passing the train tracks have had a hard time getting to school using their usual route.

Senior Kailey Gutierrez was able to wake up at 6:50 a.m. without worrying about being late.

Now, she is forced to get up 15 minutes earlier to guarantee that she will arrive to school on time. Gutierrez has not been the only student affected by this frustrating situation.Senior Evelyn Maya has also had her share of mishaps because of the construction.

“My perfect attendance continues being ruined because of the construction,” adds Senior Evelyn Maya.

The commute of several students will continue to be affected until early 2018, when construction is said to be completed.

Alternate routes students are taking include:

1)N Orange Ave and Valley

2) Vineland and Valley

3) E Temple Ave and Valley

The safest way to assure that students are at school on time is to simply set the alarm five minutes earlier than usual.