Tennis Struggles For Success


Senior Jasmine Gutierrez uses her powerful backhand as she aims the ball in between her opponents, ensuring a point for her and her partner, Ashley Villa. (12)

Daisy Soto, Editor-in-Chief

The tennis team has come off to a rocky start, winning four out of their nine season games. Entering their third round of games, the girls have managed to consistently win against Pomona and Ganesha.

Although the girls have lost to both La Puente and Garey, their loss against Edgewood proved to be most significant since it ended their chance of making it to CIF as a team. However, the girls will have a chance to make it individually at Prelims.

Despite their losses, the girls showed significant improvement during their second round of games. Coach Cindy credits this to the implementing of new drills as well as a “hell day” each week.

“I felt like we barely lost against Edgewood. Being that it’s my first year coaching, I feel
 like I still have a lot to learn and teach,” says Coach Cindy.

The season welcomed an equal amount of returners and newbies, as well as new coach Cindy Wong.

Much focus has been dedicated to accuracy and consistency, since a primary weakness for the girls is keeping the ball in the court. In addition,
strengthening serves has also been an area of focus.

“I really think if we manage to keep our hits in, we can beat Edgewood,” says senior Jasmine Gutierrez.

With roughly two weeks left in season, the tennis team expects easy wins against Pomona and Ganesha, as well as significant improvements in scores against Garey, La Puente,  and a possible win against Edgewood.