Volleyball Strikes Back


Maria Zesati , Opinion Editor

After getting off to a rough start, having won only two out of their eight pre-season games, the volleyball started their league play with a victory against the Ganesha Giants.

The girls credit previous losses to the absence of two starting veteran players due to injuries: Alexis Perez and Marianna Acevedo. Perez had minor surgery and Acevedo was benched due to a back injury.

“Even though we had replacements for them, the chemistry on the court was still not there and it greatly affected us during the game,” says senior, captain Brylah Serrano

Now that the team is complete again, the girls expect to once again dominate the court and win league champs. A known competitor, the girls’ volleyball team earned a CIF banner last year.

As the girls continue in league play, the most notable competitor is La Puente because their girls have club play practice that brings more refined skills on the court.

Bassett’s play centers around a focus on strength and spiking. Both Perez and Kassandra Aguilar tend to play middle blocker and both deliver a powerful offense.

As a whole, the serving is strong with the girls earning two or three aces each during the game.
Anticipation and footwork will be what the girls refine through the season. The have to be on their toes to catch the serves landing at approximately 40 miles an hour.

With a record of 2-0 in league, the season is just getting started, but with proof of their past victories hanging on the wall in the gym, the future is promising.