Are the Oscars Snubbing African Americans?


Robert Manrique , Staff Writer

The Oscar’s have been accused of snubbing actors of color from even a chance at the prestigious award ceremony. It started when the nominations for the Oscars were announced and there wasn’t a single black actor or director. People then went on Twitter to complain using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

Some people believe that the Oscars are racist as this is the second year in a row that no black actors or directors were nominated. Despite no nominations people say that there some great movies starring Black actors that should have gotten recognition. Most notable is the successful “Straight Outta Compton”.

Many celebrities have chimed in with their thoughts on the matter. First you have Jada Smith (Will Smith’s wife) who said her husband was snubbed for his role in “Concussion”. She then posted a video saying that she and her husband have decided to boycott the Oscars. While some other celebrities have joined her in boycotting the Oscars, other actors think it isn’t the academies fault.

Actress Whoopi Goldberg says that the problem isn’t necessarily the academy rather the lack of movie directors and producers who don’t include Black actors in leading characters. “What the problem is, the people who can be helping to make movies that have blacks and Latinos and women and all that — that movie doesn’t come to you. Because the idea is that there’s no place for black movies.” She also goes on to say that she won an Oscar “So it can’t be that racist.”

However there are statistics showing the overwhelming amount of winners that are white. According to Lee and Low Books (a distributor of children’s books focusing on diversity) said that from 1927-2012 only seven percent of winning best actors were men of color. The amount of voters in the academy in 2012 that were of color was a mere six percent.

Donald Trump chimed in on the matter saying that “I saw somebody on your show today say, ‘What do we do with BET, Black Entertainment, right?’ The whites don’t get any nominations.” Adding on he wished that everyone had equal representation.