Swim Splashes into a Stormy Season

Natalie Rojas, Staff Writer

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Considering that the swim practices in a small body of water, you wouldn’t think that the team would mind a little bit of rain. However, El Nino brings rain, thunder, and lightning. According to head coach Stanzione, swimming outside when there’s lightning is a hazard. Thus, there’s been a shortage of practices and he fears that future storms will continue to prevent practices.

Another obstacle that the team will have to overcome is the loss of many seniors. However, there is still hope for the upcoming season.

Returning senior Amber Segura is one of the best swimmers on the team. Segura has been improving her technique ever since she joined the team her freshman year and her best event is the backstroke.

“Overall, she is a strong and consistent athlete. All the progress that she has made has been a result of hard work and determination,” said Coach Stanzione.

Other than the returning swimmers, a new wave of freshman has also overtaken the swim team. In particular, freshman Stephanie Garcia has proven to be a powerful and dedicated swimmer. Although this is her first year on the team, Stephanie’s speed has already allowed to be very successful in the sprints events. Coach Stanzione states that, although Garcia is a good swimmer, it is her enthusiasm that makes her an asset to the team.

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