iPhone releases new line of hybrid phone

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iPhone releases new line of hybrid phone

Robert Manrique, Staff Writer

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The iPhone SE is the latest re¬lease of the iPhone family, but nothing much has changed. The iPhone SE ap¬pears to be a combination of all the best qualities of all iPhones currently avail¬able.

Design-wise the only thing new is the Rose Gold color option and that is about it, but for some that will be enough.

The iPhone SE contains all the internals of last year’s iPhone 6S just in the body of a 4-inch phone. That means you get Apple’s newest A9 chip which can handle any app currently on the App Store with ease. It also brings a new camera that debuted on the 6S which means 12MP photos and 4K re¬cording.

The phone has new software from iOS 9 and the 6S including live photos, Apple Pay and front facing flash. This brings the iPhone SE full cir¬cle having both the hardware and soft¬ware relevant in today’s phone market.

The iPhone SE starts at $400 for 16GB and $500 for 64GB. In com¬parison the SE is saving a lot of mon¬ey compared to the 16GB $650 iPhone 6S and the 64 GB $750 iPhone 6S. The only compromise to this phone is that it has no 3D touch and a slightly lower resolution front facing camera.

Comparing the iPhone SE to Samsung’s newest flagship is like com¬paring the 6S to the S7 because of the similar specifications. While Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has the advantage in raw power, the 6S and SE usually perform similar to the S7.

The choice lies within the pre¬ferred screen size, so while the iPhone SE is a 4inch phone, good for people with small hands, others might opt for the bigger 5.1-inch screen of the S7.

Apple simply released a small phone with a lot of power to accom¬modate those who don’t think bigger is better.

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