Solving the Ultimate Data Dilema

May 10, 2016


We all know that music, movie, and any other kind of streaming simply eats up your data, but so many of the apps that we use daily like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram use more than we think it does.

Snapchat uses a phone’s camera, Wi-Fi and mobile data, and GPS capabilities all at the same time. Simply viewing a Snapchat Story will waste 679 KB of your data and watching a Snapchat Discover will use 2.7 MB. Uploading a photo on any type of social media uses approximately 20 MB. Travel Mode can be enabled to pause all snaps from loading unless being tapped on.

You can always download data monitoring apps like My Data Manager and Onavo, which are really helpful in keeping track of which apps are eating up your data by the minute. Onavo even sends you an alert on your phone if an app is using an unusually large amount of data.

Did you know that 1 minute of YouTube-quality video will use about 2MB of data? Or that steaming music online like on Spotify or Pandora will eat up about 1MB a minute? Fortunately, if you have T-Mobile as your service carrier, your data usage will not be used if you’re on Youtube or Spotify.

The national average of data usage used for iPhone users is 8.9 GB while for Android users, it’s 6.8 GB. It is expecting to increase and multiply eight times as much by 2018. With one GB of 4G data, you can get 30 minutes of streaming HD video, 300 minutes on Facebook, 120 minutes of streaming music, 60 minutes of maps use, 30 minutes of video chat like Skype, 15 pics on Instagram and 2,500 emails WITHOUT any attachments.

Uploading a photo on Facebook uses 8 MB of data whereas on Twitter, it takes up about 6.5 MB. Simply viewing a photo on Facebook wastes 1.5 MB of data and on Twitter, it uses 0.5 MB. It doesn’t sound like much now, but when you take into consideration everything you view on the World Wide Web, it all adds up and makes much more sense.

Try avoiding any type of streaming, online gaming, Google Maps, and the App Store to save your data to the full extent. Don’t forget to close your apps when you’re done using them. Just remember, streaming = data death.

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