Band Fares Well at the L.A Fair


Arely Mireles, Photographer

The Olympian marching band performed for the first time at the L.A.county fair on September 21st .

“All our concerts are usually formal and elegant , this performance was whole other different thing” , stated Mr. Gutierrez “ This performance was more entertaining and fun but , since it is our first time playing there the students were quite nervous.”

Students have spent time and committed on remembering songs and marching techniques. Students practice five hours during class , twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 7:30. During summer, band members also meet up and practice for what is called summer band camp.

All band members checked in before two o’clock and all left at exactly two for the parade , their deadline to check in was at 3:30 at L..A. to march. The performance began at 5, and is mandatory to all band students as it is part of their grades.

“ I was so excited to perform at the fair for the first time , it was an overall great experience and in my opinion I felt we all did very good, “ said Paola Rodriguez.

The Olympian Marching band didn’t get placed , they competed against 30 to 40 high school bands . Downey high school placed third place , Garey High School second and Diamond Ranch High School took first place.

When asked what the band needs to improve on, Mr. Gutierrez stated“ I think the problem we had was that we were not used to the format, the students will need to learn how to work well with each other more.”