Don’t Hold Your Breath for Don’t Breathe


Alessandro Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Don’t Breathe is a psychological thriller that holds nothing back. Its intense images are sure to be burned into memory. The actors’ performances promise the audience wrapped in the movie.

A group of teenagers – Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto choose to rob an easy target, a blind man– Stephen Lang, but Lang turns the tables and goes on a rampage, killing and attacking the teenagers. Talk about an interesting point of view. Is Lang the blind bad-ass audiences have been waiting for?

Sad to say, the originality ends there, “I was hoping something interesting would happen, but as the movie progressed, I was getting more and more disappointed,” said Daniela Garcia, a lover of thrillers who was really disappointed in this movie. “The premise had potential, but I was disappointed because the plot was repetitive and it was foreseeable.”

Of course the movie wasn’t entirely bad. “The movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time,” said Alexis Montecino who enjoyed watching the movie. Montecino goes on praising this movie and the experience by saying, “It’s really entertaining and good to watch with a friend because looking at your friend’s reaction makes the whole experience more entertaining.”

Don’t Breathe is definitely an average thriller movie. It had a great concept with a blind man being the villain, but they never really did anything with this plot device. Without likable characters – I mean they were robbing a blind man –there wasn’t really anyone to root for.