Gamers take to the Battlefield

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Gamers take to the Battlefield

Uriel Avila, Staff Writer

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Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first-person shooter video-game. Dates are listed below. While most FPS games usually move toward present and futuristic settings, EA has decided to return to the roots and have the game set in WWI.

EA notes that the Beta will have the Sinai Desert map and two game modes which include Conquest and Rush. Battlefield 1 maps will include dynamic weather as well as horses and other vehicles of that era. The weapons of the era inspired many of the weapons used in modern warfare. However, they will still be unique, and have a difference between the machine guns in games like Battlefield 4 and the ones used in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 will be implementing new classes as well as Elite classes. These Elite classes include: Flame trooper, Sentry, and the Tank hunter. A few other regular classes include: Assault, medic, support, tanker, and the scouter class. One of the maps are huge, and features a bunch of buildings, a canyon, and sandy dunes. Tanks, armored cars, jeeps, planes, and horses can be driven in this game.

Mike Avila says, “The game is so colorful and varied, I’m so ready for when it’s fully released.”

The Beta release occurred on August 31 in order to test the game in actual gaming conditions. Although Battlefield Insider members will have access to Battlefield 1 Beta, users will not have their data carry over when the game is officially released. There have been several bugs found in the Beta regarding game advancement within profiles, but EA has reported that they will be patching them when the full game releases.

Release Dates

*October 13th-EA Subscribers

*October 18th-Early Enlistees

*October 21st-Everyone

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