Horoscopes Tell Me What to Do: “Shake the 8 Ball Instead”


Drawn by Cynthia Castro

Natalie Romo, Opinion Editor

I know I’m not the only one who wakes up Monday morning and goes on Snapchat just to read my horoscope. Friends do it, teachers do it, almost everyone does. Possibly because it has its benefits. When a person is sad they tend read their horoscope to either find a solution or expect some motivation just to get them through the day.

Recently horoscope readings have been more accessible throughout social media such as Snapchat, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Buzzfeed and other astrological websites. Due to its accessibility people have been making decisions off of their horoscope more often. Studies from a site called Astrology came back saying that 28% of the United States population reads their horoscope and that percentage goes up by 15% in the United Kingdom.

Here at Bassett students were asked what they look for in their horoscope read-
ing, Ezequiel Morales said “I mostly look for updates on my life. But other than that I look for bad news that could be prevented and romance.” This usually tends to be the reason, but how do you know if your reading is credible?

Julia Santiago said “I check if the site has a good rating and positive comments, or if it’s pretty accurate to what’s going on in my life”.

Looking at the positive part of people making decisions on the horoscope, Martin Quintero said “ I feel it’s fine for people to read them and make a decision because sometimes we aren’t experienced enough about life to make our own decisions, a little help doesn’t hurt”.

On the negative, Allyssa Rios says “ I don’t believe you should make a decision based on a reading because sometimes it’s not real but more of an opinion. You should just go with the flow and make decisions on your own as they come, instead of listening to something that is possibly inaccurate.”

One cannot depend on something so general that it can apply to everyone else. I myself did this, especially during bad times because at the moment I felt I had nothing else to look forward to. I let it dictate my life. And a life dictated by something else other than you is a life not lived.