4 Steps to Layering


Ariana Flores, Staff Writer

To all the ballers on a budget, do not go out and spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe, the solutions are all in your closet.

Step 1. Base Layer

Pick your favorite t-shirt or thermal, preferably something neutral or striped. I usually reach for my favorite band shirt, simple and cute. Keep in mind, you want a comfortable base that won’t get wrinkled easily under all those layers.

Step 2. Mid-Layer

For the mid-layer you want something that is long sleeve and open to still show off your t shirt. Again, don’t choose anything bulky, try a flannel, button up shirt, or even a thin cardigan. Anything with patterns would help add more depth to your outfit.

Step 3. Outer Layer

Add a jacket or coat. This should be your most comfortable layer. Basic colors work best, try neutral fall and winter tones like camel, olive green, burgundy, navy, or black. If you aren’t a fan of jackets because they’re too bulky, consider a zip up hoodie. Recently trending is the “American Giant” hoodie. It costs $89 and people describe it as the “best hoodie ever made” or the “iPhone of hoodies” and hey, if you have the money to splurge, why not?

Step 4: Accessorizing

Accessories are your finishing touches, like icing on a cake. Add a scarf, a hat, and even some rings, bracelets, or a watch. Try avoiding any big necklaces or flashy earrings, they often end up looking cluttered in your outfit and only stand out best in simple pieces.

We’ve done a close up on some of our layering experts like senior, Alicia Lieu (12), who started off by choosing a simple black tank top from Hollister, added a white and blue flannel from Urban Outfitters, and complemented this with her “go-to” navy blue utility jacket. She revealed that “simple is sometimes more,” as she chose to finish her outfit with her “golden jade necklace” and her silver buckled belt.

Junior Giovanni Toribio(11) layers, but with a more hipster edge. For his base layer, he made a statement with a floral patterned and eggshell toned button up, on top of that, a bold orange crew neck sweatshirt, and a vintage Wilson bomber jacket to top it off. Gio states his outfit wouldn’t be complete without his brown leather belt and his Ray-bans.