Beware of Scares in Roanoake

Frida Estrada, Staff Writer

Multi-concept horror series American Horror Story is back with its sixth season. This time focusing on the famous 1590s Roanoke Colony disappearance. With the unique set up of a documentary, it’s something new compared to the other seasons.

Fans seem to have been shaken by the first episode. Instead of their questions being answered, more arose, but that just made them all the more interested, “The atmosphere of it being nothing like the trailers, yet it being similar at the same time made it all interesting” said Carranza.

Fan favorite actors Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Lady Gaga returned this season. “They are very talented and really transfer emotion to you. They really make you get the feeling of fear,” said Natalie Camacho, a long-time fan of the series.

Even if your expectations for season six weren’t high or interest was a bare minimal, this season will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. The way the first episode started, things went in a typical “things going to crap” kind of way. With a couple moving in search of a happy new start and buying a semi-creepy house in the process you can see where things start to go downhill. Even with it being a little predictable it didn’t take away the feeling of suspense. With appearances of sketchy farmers, crazy nurses, a pig related cult, and ghosts it was hard to not be interested in what was happening. Season six is definitely worth the watch especially if you’re all about spooky stuff.