Big-Hearted Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Briana Gomez, Staff Writer

Christmas is right around the corner. The holiday being a month away, mean presents. Although big fancy gifts are nice, the little inexpensive gifts can be the most meaningful.

What do you get your parents? What do you get our significant other? What about your siblings or your best friends? You can know someone so well, yet still feel so helpless on what to give them for the holidays.


For mothers, a scented candle with a nice card hits the spot. To get on their good side, you can even do the household chores that she hates a few days before Christmas, so it is one less thing that she has to worry about. Surprise her with breakfast even if it’s just toasted egos with strawberries and whip cream on top, and simply thank her for being the best mom ever. Coupons like a “Free back massage” or “Free ticket to have your room cleaned” along with her favorite sweets and scented body washes or lotions are also a kind gesture. However, if you do go with the coupon idea you have to commit yourself to doing it whenever they ask. Otherwise, there’s no point.


For fathers, baking is the best option. Not only is a box of cake or brownie mix about $3, it is said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Even a nice wallet with a picture of both of you wrapped with a simple bow does the trick. And don’t forget to add the lucky $1 bill. Another idea could be a $15 gift card to Lucile’s since men love steak. Being that dad hats are making a comeback, along with socks, deodorant, gum, beef jerky, and hair gel, having them inside wrapped in solo fame paper and a bow will be appreciated. You can never go wrong with the essentials. You can also use the same coupon idea and mow the lawn or wash the pool for him the day before.


Brothers can be a little difficult. If they drive, you can get them a $10-15 gift card for gas or for a barbershop to get a haircut. It may not seem much but that’s less money they have to put in so it’ll be appreciated. Or, you can go with the essentials like the gifts for dad too. Apparently men love socks and shirts. Plus, they have good deals on men shirts at Forever 21, Cotton On, and H&M.


For older sisters, you can use the coupon idea as well such as “One pass to borrow any of my clothes.” Nail polish or the body sprays from Victoria’s secret are usually on sale for just $5 and lipsticks and glosses from Nyx and Colour Pop online start at about $6. For those sisters who adore jewelry, Forever 21 has a variety of rings, bracelets, earrings, and much more along with Charlotte Russe that has a 2 for $10 on a majority of all their jewelry. You can even throw in assorted See’s candies, baked goods, affordable makeup, manicure sets, and even socks that range from funny and funky to cute and simple at Forever 21.


For younger siblings, you can buy an inexpensive toy Barbie or set of the trending “Shopkins” for girls, and a toy car or Legos for younger brothers from Target or Walmart. As long as one wraps it, they’ll have the pleasure to unwrap gifts.