Bruno Mars Finally Returns with 24K Magic

Maria Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Bruno Mars is officially coming back. After almost four years since his last album, he is finally returning with 24K Magic. In early January he announced that he was working on an album that would be come to be released somewhere in November.

After his last album Unorthodox Jukebox topped charts and globally became the fourth bestselling record in 2013, expectations for his new album were high. He also announced that he would be working with Skrillex, who is one of the best producers at the moment but ended up being a false statement after the album was released.

He first introduces the album when he released the first single 24k Magic on October 6, same name as the album. He kicked off the album by taking us back to the to the 80s and giving us a funky feel. After a few days of its release, the single quickly became one of the most heard new songs on the radio and made it to the top 10 songs on Billboard Top 100 Chart. The Song definitely put Bruno Mars back on the map.

After 24k Magic, the rest of the songs seemed to take a more R&B’s slow pace. Even though he slowed things down after releasing his first single, he didn’t hesitate to sprinkle in some humor in some songs, one of them being “Calling all my Lovelies.” This single also is the only song where he had a featured guest, which was actress Halle Berry. She made an appearance in the music video for the song.

Other songs that fall into the slow it down are “Versace on the Floor”, “Finesse” and“Straight Up And Down.” “Versace on the Floor” was the second single released by Bruno Mars. It has a 90s feel and is a mix between romantic and intimate. Like Versace on the Floor, Straight up and Down and Finesse also have an R&B feel and focus on young love.

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